About Hittle Landscaping & Why We Make Sense for the Bridgewater Community

<p>Hittle Landscaping has been providing landscape services in the greater Carmel/Westfield area for over 45 years, and we are proud to be selected to serve The Bridgewater Club community!
<p>Our passion is landscape and we look forward to caring for your properties if you select us in the lawn care opt-in program. The “Lawn Care Opt-In” is available to the following HOA communities: Parks, Preserves, Moorings, and Wintergreen.
<p>Your “opt-in” services include:</p>

<li>Mowing and Trimming</li>
<li>Turf Fertilization and Weed Control</li>
<li>Turf Aeration</li>
<li>Bed Edging</li>
<li>Spring Cleanup</li>
<li>Bed and Sidewalk Weed Control</li>
<li>Shrub Pest Control</li>
<li>Shrub Pruning</li>
<li>Fall Cleanup</li>
<li>Irrigation Startup and Shutdown (*repairs and other irrigation services at additional cost)</li>

<p>In order to make this easy for you, we are asking for 2 payment options, you can pay in full at the beginning of the year, or split your payments with 50% up front and the other 50% mid-season. These services are established for the entire season and will refund any homeowner that moves prior to the season ending.
<p> Any questions concerning this program can be directed to our Customer Service representative Tracee Allen via phone at <a href=”tel:317.896.5697″ title=”call 317.896.5697″>317.896.5697</a> or email at <a href=”mailto:tracee@hittlelandscape.com” title=”email tracee@hittlelandscape.com”>tracee@hittlelandscape.com</a>

Opt-in Request Form

(please complete this simple form and hit "Submit")

*The complete list of services provided in the Opt-In Lawn Care Program is listed below. Please note that this program is all-inclusive and does not allow for service selection a la carte.

**Refunds will be made for anyone who moves prior to the end of the 2020 season.