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    Winter Tree Secrets – the Beauty is in the Bark

    Without fail the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, leaving us with bare winter trees for the rest of the season. These leaf-less trees don’t have to equal a boring, barren landscape for the rest of the winter…it just means you might have to get more creative.

    During the winter months, your trees’ bark becomes the focal point of your landscape. Trees and shrubs with colorful or textured bark add flair and contrast to your winter garden that lacks green grasses, flowering shrubs and bushes. Some winter trees will look even more striking with branches that are naked.

    Check out three trees with ornamental bark that can create an eye-catching winter landscape:

    West Himalayan Birch: Silver birch trees can grow to be 50 feet tall and are always top of the list for winter bark. These birch trees have the striking white bark and can be scrubbed down to created added shine to your winter garden.

    Tibetan cherry: This flowering cherry tree offers a mahogany-red bark that in winter peels away to provide spectacularly bright contrast for your winter garden while also offering pretty white flowers in the spring and golden leaves in the fall.

    Strawberry tree: The strawberry tree gains its name from the small red fruit it bears in fall yet it’s hardy enough to endure a tough winter and offers an attractive reddish-brown bark as well as evergreen leaves – making a perfect tree to enhance your winter landscape.

    If your goal is to keep the beauty and eye-catching nature of your outdoor living space leaving a lasting impression, many options abound as the tree’s bark takes center stage during the long winter. From the many Birch varietals to the Cherry trees or even the hearty Strawberry tree, your winter trees are sure to wow your neighbors and set the standard for winter beauty.

    Hittle Landscaping believes winter landscapes should be just as stunning as the most vibrant blooms of spring and we can help you with all your landscaping needs, anytime of the year. As Indianapolis’ premier landscaper since 1973, we’re proud to provide quality landscaping to the residents of our hometown.

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