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    Top 5 Winter Landscaping Mistakes

    Winter landscaping mistakes can affect the exterior of your home even after winter is over. Be cautious of these common winter landscaping tips homeowners commonly make that can have long-lasting and costly effects. Hittle Landscaping is here to assist you with your year-round landscaping needs. We’ve been providing high quality landscaping services since 1973, and we’ve noticed a few trends. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the frequent mistakes we’ve encountered with our customers over the years.

    Avoid these top five winter landscaping missteps:

    1. Pests pester your plants in winter too! It’s a common misperception about the pests that are a threat to your lawn, trees, plants and shrubs are not an issue during the cold winter months. Many pests can survive the lowest temps by digging below the ground’s service. Be sure to enlist the services of a knowledgeable local landscaper to help you understand what pests are a threat to your winter garden.
    2. Spring will be here before you know it. (Don’t forget to plant your spring flowers.) Don’t miss the window of opportunity in late winter to plant your flowers; they need time to grow. It will be so worth when spring arrives, and your flowers bloom.
    3. No more weed killer, please. During winter’s cold, pesticides can be harmful to your plants. Most landscapers recommend avoiding weed killer treatments if the temperatures dip below 60 degrees.  
    4. Yes, you should still water as long as the temperature is above 40 degrees. Dehydration and disease are still a potential threat to your plants and shrubs in winter months. Although many homeowners make the mistake of reducing or eliminating their watering routines in winter, a regular schedule of watering will offset these problems.
    5. Don’t cut the lawn too short. Different types of grass require different recommended lengths. It’s a frequent perception that the “shorter the better” before winter arrives. This universal short-cutting can damage your grass. Best bet: touch base with your landscaping partner to find out the best length for your beautiful lawn.

    Prepping your landscape for spring requires some attention even during winter. Avoid these five common winter landscaping mistakes will help set your exterior up for success year-round.

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