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    Top 5 Questions to Ask About Commercial Landscape Design

    1st Question to Ask for Landscape Design Partnership

    What are the steps involved in the landscape design process?

    Look for transparency here. Whether you come prepared with Pinterest boards, a cool design you snapped on your phone or youíre open to the professionalís interpretation, itís important to understand how the ideas will transform into reality.

    Is the landscape design pro willing to walk through the process with you step by step? Or is he or she evasive or vague? If he or she says to just ďtrustĒ him or her or to let him or her ďhandle it,Ē you may want to walk away.

    Itís imperative in projects large and small for client and professionals to have established roles and an understanding of the journey.

    2nd Question to Ask a Landscape Design Professional

    How will we communicate with each other?

    If youíve never experienced a home or landscape design project before, they often change. Sometimes this is due to external factors, like HOA or zoning regulations, availability or expense of materials, unforeseen complications or simply because the property owner changes his or her preferences.

    Regardless of the issue, itís imperative to maintain consistent and open communication with your landscape design professional. He or she should keep you updated in a channel you both endorse. Depending on the scope of the project, itís possible to become overwhelmed quickly. Discuss what is perhaps too much information.

    If there is a change or recommendation, agree to communicate it quickly with multiple solutions, if possible. The most important thing is youíre both comfortable discussing issues and you feel comfortable with decisions during the process.

    3rd Question to Ask Landscape Design Companies

    How soon can you start?

    This question is not as simple as it sounds. Seasonal complications, zoning or permit issues easily hold up even small projects. Does the prospective landscape design company have the resources?

    Will they need to bring on additional staff or equipment to complete your project? Are there technical challenges which need to be addressed first, such as grading and drainage?

    In some cities, construction is booming to the extent businesses are often months out from beginning certain jobs. Better to ask now than be disappointed after youíve made a decision.

    4th Question for Productive Landscape Design Relationships

    How are design costs determined?

    First, keep in mind, youíre hiring professionals. This is not like hiring a neighborhood kid to cut your grass. A professional landscape design professional has advanced education and training.

    He or she has professional certifications, licenses and most belong to professional associations. The pricing should reflect this. The collective education and professional experience benefit you with creativity, smart decisions and recommendations plus resources.

    Different firms handle pricing differently and although money can sometimes be an awkward subject, any project goes more smoothly when the parties are clear in their understandings.

    Discomfort about a subject invites assumptions or disappointment. You should assess which landscape design pricing method is best for you.

    Various options include: retainer, lump sum, fixed fee or hourly. Any reputable business is capable of a clear explanation of the pricing structure.

    5th Question to Ask When Hiring a Landscape Design Company

    Are you on the same page?

    No one expects you to become your designerís new best friend, but you should be comfortable working together. You may be spending a lot of time collaborating or the project may take over your property for a significant amount of time.

    Be sure this is someone you trust, has the professional acumen and experience to perform the job.

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