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    Spring Fever Meets Spring Lawn Care

    The long cold winter will be over before you know it. Spring is that perfect time of year when we see flowers blooming, and birds are chirping. The promise of warm weather is intoxicating. The question remains, however, do you have a plan for your spring lawn care?

    This critical time is important to the health and beauty of your lawn. Enjoy your lawn this spring and all summer long with these pro tips from one of Indianapolisí top landscaping companies. Hittle Landscaping, locally owned and operated since 1973, is here for you when getting your lawn in shape post-winter or any time of year. Gear up for a lush green lawn this summer with these spring lawn care tips.

    Start by raking your thatch. This first step gets rid of unwanted leaves and, more importantly, gets rid of the layer of (mainly) dead turfgrass tissue lying between the green vegetation of the grass above and the root system and soil below, also known as thatch. If the thatch becomes too thick, it can block air,†water and nutrients from reaching your grassís roots. If not raked away, this layer of thatch can cause disease and insect infestations in your lawn.

    Test your soil to ensure itís healthy. Spring lawn care routines should include a basic test to check out the pH balance. Too much alkaline or acid can cause issues. Each condition can be treated quite easily.

    Spring fertilization can lead to a green summer. Turf root system development in early spring is critical for grass health. Deeper roots form in spring and can have a direct effect on the growth patterns during summer. Choosing to fertilize can help set your lawn up for success.

    Aeration might be needed. If your lawn has many dead spots and/or compacted areas from high traffic, aeration should be part of your spring lawn care regimen. Aeration can be important to your healthy lawn by allowing air and water to penetrate.

    If spring fever has you feeling excited, channel that energy into your lawn and youíll be set up for a lush lawn that you can enjoy all summer long. If you are in need of a partner to help, be sure to reach out to Hittle Landscaping. For over 40 years, Hittle has helped home and business owners with their landscaping needs from lawn care to maintenance to hardscape projects.

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