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    Protecting Outdoor Living Spaces in Winter

    With winter looming on the horizon and temperatures dropping, many are saying goodbye to their outdoor living spaces. Warming by a fire in a comfortable chair, our patios, are left to face the elements alone and forgotten.

    Summer Will Return

    Before you get too comfortable, keep in mind that the snow will melt and warm summer days outside will return. Patio furniture and appliances that have been ravaged by the winter can put a damper on your outdoor plans.

    Furnishing your outdoor space is expensive. With a little planning and some simple winter maintenance steps, we can protect lawn furniture so that it lasts for years.

    Protect Your Investment

    Keep in mind that the best way to protect lawn furniture and other patio appliances is to keep them out of the weather. A patio or deck cover will keep snow and rain off so that you can continue to enjoy the space while protecting your furniture. Add a fire pit or space heater and chilly evenings can be turned into warm family gatherings.

    If enclosing or covering an outdoor space is not a possibility, here are a few tips to help you protect lawn furniture.

    Put it Away Clean

    Clean stains and check for mildew, removing it with mild detergent and a soft brush if necessary. Make sure everything is completely dry before putting it away.

    Protect Metal Surfaces

    Wear and tear from use can cause nicks and scrapes in surfaces making them susceptible to rust. Remove any rust that may be present and give them a light coat of automobile polish to protect them.

    Cover Furniture and Appliances

    Moving outdoor furniture inside a garage or shed and out of the elements is best. If that’s not possible then make sure everything is covered.

    Even the most weather resistant materials will be affected by moisture accompanied by freezing temperatures. Ice expansion and contraction with temperature fluctuations can make patio furnishings old before their time. There are several options for covering outdoor furniture and appliances:

    • Furniture covers – A variety of patio furniture covers are available. Usually, these are generic enough to fit different sizes. Make sure the covers you select are vinyl or water resistant. Canvas and other cloth materials just won’t do the job when the snow falls and sleet blows.
    • Bags – Similar to covers, outdoor furniture bags allow you to place the furniture completely inside the protective bag, sealing it against the elements until needed again
    • Tarps – The old fashioned way can work well. If you use tarps to cover furniture, make sure they are weather resistant and secure them around furniture with bungee cords or rope.

    Take the time to protect lawn furniture. A little effort now will go a long way towards enjoying that first warm day on the patio.

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