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    Be an Outstanding Neighbor this year with these 5 Tips!

    Itís the beginning of a new year and with that comes that long list of resolutions.† Sure, we could go with the old standbys of losing weight,†paying off debt, and getting a better†job, but hereís one that doesn’t seem to make the list very often and we feel it should: Resolve to be a considerate and attentive neighbor!

    As a landscape company that offers full service lawn care and pest control services, we often hear people complaining about how their neighbors arenít considerate of others regarding the upkeep of their homes.† We decided to compile a few tips that are easy to implement and could earn you ĎThe Outstanding Neighborí award for your neighborhood:

    1. Mow your lawn regularly and properly.

    We know it gets tough when the grass is growing like crazy in the spring and the kids need to go here, there, and everywhere, but mowing your lawn correctly throughout the year might mean that you need to mow more than once a week.† We recommend that in the summer you mow your lawn slightly higher.† This will allow it to bounce back faster from summer stresses and look greener.† You could also volunteer yourself or your teenager to help mow the neighborís yard when they are away on vacation.

    1. Plant flowering shrubs and/or perennials.

    Who doesnít want a gorgeous display of multi-season interest?† Have all the neighbors talking by having a landscape designer choose and install plants that flower throughout the year and can help your property look more inviting.† Swing by your neighbors with a bouquet of cut flowers from your garden to show your appreciation.

    1. Clean up those leaves!

    No one likes to clean up leaves in the fall, but when they arenít even your leaves it makes the chore worse!† If you canít seem to find the time to clean up the leaves and debris in your lawn, find a local landscape company that can blow leaves out of your beds and remove them while mowing your lawn.† This will keep the mess from spreading around and free you up to do other things you enjoy.

    1. Trim those over-grown shrubs that block the sidewalk.

    Do you see the neighborhood children walking in the street when they go by your house because your landscaping is out of control?† Have your shrubs pruned and hedges trimmed a couple times a year, or consider removing them and replacing them with varieties that are better suited along heavily trafficked areas.

    1. Put the dandelion farm out of business.

    You might find them attractive or perhaps the weeds donít bother you, but your neighbors may be tired of all those weed seeds floating over to their lawn in late spring.† Find a local lawn care company to provide weed control.† These services are fast and relatively low-cost.† Even if you donít want a full service program for your yard, spraying weeds in your lawn a couple times a year not only makes it look great for you, it helps your neighborís lawn by removing the weed pressure.

    Hereís to improving your neighborhood!† Have a great New Year from everyone at Hittle Landscaping, Inc.

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