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    Outdoor Living Ideas for Indiana Homes

    Indiana is a climate of four seasons with potential for diverse outdoor living ideas. When planning your landscaping, how should you design your space to maximize its use in Indiana’s weather? Below, we discuss three outdoor living ideas to create a backyard oasis that you are able to use most of the year. After all, when you have a beautiful space, why not enjoy it?

    Outdoor Living Ideas #1 – Structures and Screen

    With Indiana’s heat, wind, rain, and bugs, considering a structure with or without screens is a great idea. Some love a covered porch as an extension to the indoor living space or a screened room that offers protection from bugs (especially those pesky summertime mosquitoes).

    Your imagination does not have to stop there! A covered eating area nestled among trees can provide a romantic and intimate space for family and friends.

    A simple pergola covered in lovely morning glories gives you a peaceful and relaxing reading space. Or, a luxurious living space complete with an outdoor fireplace and movie screen can be the perfect entertaining spot.

    Whatever your priority for the space may be, having a shelter that protects you from that ever unpredictable Indiana weather ensures you get more use out of your yard and extend that enjoyment for more days out of the year.

    Outdoor Living Ideas #2 – Fire and Heat

    We often think about outdoor living ideas in the warm Indiana summers. How about the fall, early spring or even the winter? The one thing missing is heat! Why not create your own?

    Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and patio heaters extend your patio season. Fireplaces and fire pits create warmth and also offer a method for cooking, if you are feeling adventurous.

    When you have an outdoor space that is heated, you create a warm, cozy atmosphere for entertaining or spending time as a family. Adding fire and heat is as simple as a brick paver fire pit or as grand as a huge, stone fireplace. Either way, you extend the enjoyment of your space when you add an element of heat.

    Outdoor Living Ideas #3 – Alfresco Dining and Living

    One of the hottest trends in outdoor living ideas is outdoor kitchens and outdoor living spaces. These spaces are as grand or simple as your space and budget allows, but they all give you the benefit of flexible and additional space on your property.

    Outdoor kitchens often include a grill, sink, and prep area. Some kitchens even incorporate pizza ovens, meat smokers, barbeque pits, and more! They are easily customizable to your taste.

    Built-in refrigerators, coolers, or even ice buckets allow you to prepare and serve an entire meal outdoors. What a wonderful way to spend a summer evening in Indiana!

    Outdoor living spaces vary greatly. They often include some type of roof structure to protect you from the elements and often look like an outdoor version of a living room inside. Large or small, these spaces allow you to enjoy more time outdoors and give you an additional flexible entertaining space. Anything goes!

    Let’s Plan Outdoor Living Ideas for your Dream Outdoor Space

    Now is a great time to start planning those outdoor living ideas. With Indiana’s weather, we often have a 50 or 60-degree day in the middle of winter. Why not plan a space with the potential to enjoy it in January?

    Whether you want to create a complete outdoor kitchen or cover a deck area, Hittle helps! We have years of experience in planning and creating outdoor living spaces in Indiana and we put that experience to work for you. Call us today for a free consultation!

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