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    No Stress in Lawn Care

    Lawn care is a pretty basic thing…and who wants to make the basic things in life more complicated than they need to be?  Now that the heat of summer is drawing to a close you may be parking that mower, but this cooler weather is offering more than slower grass growth.  The opportunity to continue your simple lawn maintenance next season lies in taking advantage of the upcoming months and breaking out the secret weapon to a healthy lawn: aeration.

    Like all living things your grass requires air, water and food to thrive.   Over time your lawn compacts, which severely reduces the porous spaces within the soil that would normally hold air.  These porous spaces allow oxygen to reach the roots of your grass, letting them absorb water and nutrients to grow deeper, creating a thicker and healthier lawn.  Aeration is the answer to re-create these voids all the way to the root zone of your grass.  Core aeration is the process of perforating the soil, as well as any thatch layer that might exist, removing a plug of soil, and depositing that plug on the surface to break down and create a better growing medium for your lawn.

    Stress doesn’t look good on anything – and after a long summer of heat and limited moisture, lawns can show stress by thinning out, which in turn gives weeds ample room to germinate.  By aerating your lawn you’re opening up the surface of the soil, creating the optimal environment for direct soil-to-seed contact through an overseed application.   Aeration and overseeding – a match made in lawn care maintenance heaven!

    We’re here to help you simplify your lawn care routine.  The cost of an aeration and overseed application can be recovered within a year’s time: reducing water requirements up to 25 percent without any harm to your grass, as the water is efficiently filtering to the root zone and not running off your lawn.

    Schedule an aeration and overseed application with us and next spring you’ll be rewarded with a healthier lawn – and you can return to enjoying the simple pleasures of the season…no stress!


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