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    Lawn Care Tips for Every Season

    Winter, spring, summer or fall your lawn need your tender love and care. Lawn care tips do vary from season to season, however. Hittle Landscaping, locally owned and operated in Indianapolis since 1973, offers the following lawn care tips adjusted for the season so you can keep your lawn looking great and as healthy as possible all year long!

    Winter lawn care tips:

    • Winter mowing Leaving your lawn too tall during winter can create many problems. How short to cut your lawn at the start of winter depends on the type of grass, but a shorter cut will protect it over the winter months.
    • Stay off my lawn Trying to avoid excessive lawn traffic will help protect your lawn during the tentative time period.
    • Keep your lawn clear Clear away any external items and leaves that can create opportunities for fungus growth and damage.

    Spring lawn care tips:

    • Rake up any leftover leaves. Be sure to keep an eye out for any dead spots.
    • Test for soil acidity DIY or ask your landscaper to assist you in determining the pH balance of your soil.
    • Apply fertilizer If you follow the winter lawn care tips, you may not need to apply fertilizer at this point. However, a fresh layer may be needed.

    Summer lawn care tips

    • Watering tips Your summer lawn needs at least one inch of water per week and may need more when the summer temps skyrocket. As a rule of thumb, dont let your lawn go brown and try to water it back to life.
    • Summer mowing Mow regularly but keep the blades longer. Taller grass is more drought-tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps prevent weed seeds from germinating.
    • Pests and weed abound During summer the threat of weeds, infestations from pests and fungal illness is at its highest. Choose products that can help avoid these issues without causing damage to your lawn and plants.

    Fall lawn care tips:

    • Mow and water Your lawn chores may be less frequent, and dont neglect your lawn care when the leaves start to fall.
    • Aerate the soil By aerating your soil, you allow oxygen, water and fertilizer to reach the roots of your grass.
    • Rake the leaves Be sure to rake the fallen leaves as soon as you can. Wet leaves, in addition to being harder to pick up, can also create mold and fungus thats harmful to your grass.
    • Fertilize now Fertilizing the lawn is essential in the fall. Grass leaves grow much slower in the colder months, and this fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots that will be the key to a healthy start next spring.

    Following these basic lawn care tips will help keep your lawn looking stellar year-round. Hittle Landscaping is here to help you further define a lawn care plan that is customized to your home, your plants and grass types. We specialize in residential and commercial landscaping services and look forward to getting started on your landscape today.

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