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    Beautify Your Community with Landscaping Projects

    Do you love finding beauty everywhere you go? Looking to improve your community gives you many places to start. Here are some landscaping projects to improve the roadways, paths and green spaces in your area.

    Landscaping Projects Include Guerilla Gardening

    Is guerilla gardening a new term to you? Do not worry, it is fun and not at all dangerous! Guerilla gardening just means that you improve a space that is neglected anywhere you may find it. Is there a small lot or space in your neighborhood that is overcome with weeds and neglect?

    Consider planting some coloring flowers or ground cover for an easy, beautifying landscaping project. Green spaces improve our communities for everyone!

    Seed bombs are another fun way to beautify spaces in need of some TLC. These are small balls packed with varieties of seeds. Many types are available – fragrant ones, ones for birds, and even ones that contain vegetables.

    All you need to do is ‘bomb’ the space, or toss this seed ball and let nature take over. Soon the area will be covered in beautiful flowers or vegetables!

    Planting Food in Unexpected Places – Surprising Landscaping Projects

    This trend is picking up speed. Planting food in overpasses, along sidewalks, and at intersections serves several purposes. First, it beautifies spaces that are often empty.

    Second, it provides food. Those who may not be able to afford fresh, local produce are able to enjoy some on the go.

    Finally, it’s fun! Who wouldn’t want to see beautiful, juicy strawberries on their walk to the store? Much better than weeds or gravel.

    Refresh a Bus Stop

    Is there a local bus line in your area? How about a school bus stop? These are areas where people stand (or sit) for periods of time and they are often neglected as far as landscaping goes.

    Why not consider this an opportunity for a beautifying landscaping project? Add native flowers, plant a butterfly garden, or plant some low maintenance fruits or vegetables. Who would not want a healthy snack while they wait?

    Start at Home with Personal Landscaping Projects

    Want to beautify your area? Start at home! Add a window box full of lovely geraniums. Put a pot overflowing with color on your front porch or hang a basket of vining wave petunias from your tree.

    Small or large, landscaping projects help transform your space. Often when your neighbors see the added beauty a few plants can make to your space, they want to follow. Before you know it, your whole neighborhood takes on a more colorful, lively hue.

    Start a Landscaping Project Today!

    Whether large or small, Hittle helps add beauty to your space. We help you landscape a beautiful bus stop on the corner for the local school children or completely redesign your lawn with a beautifying landscaping project.

    With our years of experience in Central Indiana, we are experts at native plants and making them work for you. Start planning your project now to enjoy it this summer. Call Hittle today for a quote!

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