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    Landscaping Ideas for Swimming Pools

    If you recently installed a pool or plan to this year, you need landscaping ideas to complete your overall plan. A well-landscaped pool takes the space from nice to an impressive tropical oasis. There are several ways that landscaping enhances your pool and deck area. This article provides you with some ideas for your pool landscaping.

    Landscaping Ideas: Privacy

    It is no surprise most pool areas like privacy. When planning your landscaping, choose plants to provide privacy enhance the look of your area. Not only are they functional, they also hide or eliminate the need for privacy fencing. Tall grasses and some bushes are popular choices when adding privacy to your space.

    Landscaping Ideas: Safety

    In any pool area, safety is of the utmost importance. When considering landscaping ideas, safety must also be considered. Clear paths around the pool are important, so vine plants which grow quickly are usually not a great choice.

    Also, plants which hide parts of the pool or hang over into the pool water pose a hazard and obstruct the view of those in the pool area.

    Landscaping Ideas: Maintenance

    When you install a pool in your yard, you are likely looking for a relaxing space to spend your free time. No one wants to spend precious free time maintaining your landscaping while wishing you were relaxing in the sun!

    Considering low maintenance plants in a pool area is a good idea. A professional landscaper helps you with landscaping ideas for low maintenance plants in your area.

    Landscaping Ideas: Existing Landscaping

    With the installation of a pool, you have likely disrupted some existing landscaping. When considering landscaping ideas around your new pool, blend the old landscaping with the new. Consider choosing some of the same plants and colors to help blend your space.

    Also, consider the shape of the existing beds. If all your beds are curved, for example, you want your new landscaping to follow the same shape.

    Landscaping Ideas: Variety

    When considering plant variety, it is always a good idea to stick with native species. These are better for the environment and often lower maintenance. Beyond native species, your personal preference guides much of your landscaping ideas.

    It is a good idea to choose plants of varying height and width to give your landscaping visual appeal. Plant selection and variety is an area where a professional landscaper really helps.

    Choosing plants and their location is often the hardest part of installing new landscaping.

    Professional Help withLandscaping Ideas

    If you already have a pool or you are considering installing one, Hittle has the expertise to help. For more than 45 years we have been designing and installing beautiful landscaping in Indiana. We put our experience to work for you.

    Whether you need full-service design,installation or more; we translate your ideas into reality. Whatever your needs may be, contact Hittle today for a free consultation and see how we help!

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