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    Landscape Design Tips For Fall Colors

    Is your current fall landscape design palette brown, taupe and more brown? Fall in Indiana is awash in color in nature. It can be around your home too with some planning. At Hittle Landscaping, we transform properties into gorgeous estates using imagination, experience and professional landscape design. Let’s review these softscapes suited to Indiana climates.

    Ornamental Fall Trees

    • Commonly known as “fringe tree,” Chionanthus virginicus is a low-maintenance flowering tree. In late spring, it produces ivory blooms which become olive-like fruits as a food source and attract birds. In fall, its leaves turn a bright shade of yellow and it prefers full sun to part shade. Fringe trees rarely need pruning and are tolerant of urban settings. May grow up to ten feet tall.
    • Acer saccharum, is also known as “Bailsta,” “Fall Fiesta” or a “Sugar Maple.” It is a wonderful tree for shade or to line a street or long driveway. These beauties can grow to 60 or 75 feet and spread between 30 and 45 feet. Considered one of the most colorful in the famed New England foliage reputation.  

    Landscape Design Ideas for Attractive Fall Shrubbery

    • Need to stabilize an embankment or find a groundcover suited for poorer soils? Try Rhus aromatica, or “fragrant sumac.” Easily adapts to well-drained soil in part sun to full shade. Attracts birds and butterflies. Produces yellow blooms in spring. In fall, green leaves turn purple, red and orange.  

    Flowers and Grasses Ideal for Fall Landscape Design

    • Mums, of course. These perennials bloom from late summer through fall. A member of the aster or daisy family, Chrysanthemums consist of more than 200 species. Bold colors of purple, scarlet, sunshine yellow and bronze-orange echo the colors of fall produce. Landscape design creates an impact with a singular color or a spectrum.
    • “Little bluestem,” or Schizachyrium scoparium, is a tolerant prairie grass. Green color transforms into beautiful fall foliage of bronze-orange. Prefers full sun and is low maintenance. Produces bronze to purple flowers in August, followed by clusters of attractive seed heads which generally persist into winter. Great choice for open areas evoking cottage or natural settings.
    • Ornamental cabbage or “flowering kale.” Although not a “flower,” this annual performs like one. It handles full sun and tolerates the cooler overnight temperatures of fall. Its sculptural leaves provide a colorful backdrop and contrast of purple and white to flowers like mums and coneflowers. Also a strong performer in containers.

    Hittle Landscaping is Your Custom Landscape Design Pro

    Have ideas? Dreams for your space? We’re eager to get to know you and listen. We’ll bring our more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful landscaping, lighting and design to create your personal oasis.

    We also assist institutions and business owners with their commercial landscape design needs. Let us help you create a beautiful and practical design to welcome customers, patients or students. Landscaping can perform many functions in a professional environment. Let’s plan yours!

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to any challenge. Explore how creative and expert landscape design may bring fall colors to your property. Call Hittle Landscaping today for a consultation.

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