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    A Landscape Architect Gives Life to Your Dreams

    We firmly believe in collaboration. We may have decades of experience, but itís your living space. Itís your business. You live or work there. It must be suited to your needs and provide a purpose for you each day. At Hittle Landscaping, we want to marry our training and expertise as a landscape architect to your dreams. Together, we can build outdoor spaces to inspire and delight you.

    When to Call in a Landscape Architect

    Most DIYíers and home network viewers can handle minor projects and enjoy doing it. Maybe you have friends and neighbors who love to help. Or, perhaps you have the ideas and need the execution. Hittle Landscaping is here to assist you in whatever capacity you need.

    If you have certain challenges, such as grading steep slopes, drainage or irrigation issues or elevation problems, itís best to include a professional landscape architect. We can help with advanced projects such as retaining walls and tiered structures.

    The Role of a Landscape Architect

    A professional landscape architect typically earns either a bachelorís or masterís degree and is licensed by the state. Most attend colleges accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

    Certain exams are required to become licensed. In many ways, it is a safety issue, much like engineering. Structures may vary and incorporate incredible external factors. A reputable, experienced and licensed landscape architect is imperative.

    Projects range from small to gigantic. A professional landscape architect will plan residential and commercial outdoor spaces. These include public spaces, such as transportation facilities, waterfront properties, resorts, parks, cemeteries, campuses and commercial centers.

    A landscape architect also contributes to the design of restoration of natural spaces. Planning projects for historic landscapes, wetlands, forested land and mined areas require the talents of a landscape architect.

    Collaboration is Easy with the Hittle Landscaping Core Values

    We have a passion to create outdoor beauty and value in our clientís homes and commercial properties. At Hittle Landscaping, we follow a simple philosophy of core values. They include:

    H: Honesty

    I: Innovation

    T: Thankfulness

    T: Teamwork

    L: Leadership

    E: Excellence

    When we apply these core values to your landscape architect dreams, we build something extraordinary together. This spirit has generated more than 40 years of happy clients, pleased with the investment theyíve made.

    When Youíre Ready to Dream Big – Call Hittle Landscaping

    We canít wait to get started. Now is the perfect time to plan for next spring. Whatís on your wishlist? We want to see your sketches, tearsheets and pin boards. Weíre eager to get to know you and listen to your ideas. To bring your vision to reality, weíll bring enthusiasm and experience. Over the years we have earned a stellar reputation. Let us show you what more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful landscaping, lighting and design looks like.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping brings our trademark attention to detail to every challenge. Letís improve your property together! Call Hittle Landscaping today for a consultation.

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