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    Custom Landscaping Considerations for Your New Pool

    The new swimming pool in your backyard is part of an overall vision, which includes not only the pool itself, but the surrounding elements that complete your “wow” worthy landscape. There are, however, several features that must work together to complete your dream. Here are a few factors to make a reality out of your ideas:

    Hardscaping — This includes a patio, decking, an outdoor kitchen and walkways. A design which provides a smooth flow of traffic can make a big difference during backyard parties and family gatherings. If an outdoor kitchen is included, you will want to keep this apart from the immediate pool access area. This can be accomplished in an interesting way by use of plantings as a separation. Discussing the kitchen area with your landscaper in advance to ensure your space looks intentional, rather than an afterthought. Using a variety of dividers can provide an interesting separation between the pool and patio areas.

    Plantings — The proper plants can provide a dramatic transition from the house to the pool. The right size and type of plantings are important to provide proper drainage, light effect from sunlight and color. All these factors are important to the finished design. A professional landscaper can recommend plants that will work best for the your area and planting zone. Certain varieties may have a longer blooming time and require less maintenance. A hardy plant with a tolerance for water (due to potential splashing) will likely do better in the pool area. Your landscaper will be able to recommend the right plants for your needs.

    Lighting — Correct lighting not only provides safety and security, but also changes the appearance of a space and sets the mood. It can provide a comfortable feeling or dramatic effect. You can back light certain areas of the garden and highlight accent pieces.

    Fencing — The right fencing can also add to the atmosphere. You can choose to just enclose the pool or surround the whole yard, with many combinations of the two possible. There are many types of fencing available to compliment your ideas.

    More Considerations — Remember to consider the size of your family. This may include members that don’t live with you but are expected to visit often and will be enjoying your new outdoor area. Friends can be included, and remember to consider entertaining for business associates or clients. Ages of any children will be important when choosing the type of activities that will be enjoyed and the pool depth for the shallow end.

    The most important part of the whole project is be certain that all aspects of the new landscaping work well together. For example, if you plant large trees for shade, but neglect to take into consideration the dropping leaves during the midwestern fall season, there will be much more work to maintain the pool and surrounding area. Discuss your wish list with a landscaper in advance to avoid problems and enjoy your new pool!

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