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    Pros and Cons of Irrigation Systems In HOA Community Landscaping

    Irrigation systems can greatly improve community landscaping for members of a homeowners association (HOA). At Hittle Landscaping, we enjoy the opportunity to partner with HOAs to enhance the quality of life for residents.

    Many HOA clients inquire about irrigation systems. They can help communities look great from early spring to late fall. Letís discuss the pros and cons of this community landscaping feature. †††

    Pros of Irrigation Systems for Community Landscaping

    Less waste. With an automated system, thereís no danger of leaving sprinklers or a hose running longer than intended. This contributes to maximum savings and effectiveness.

    Purposeful direction. When an irrigation system is professionally installed with a landscaping plan, the system can be integrated strategically. This limits any runoff on hardscapes or other water waste.

    It looks good. A professional system retracts when not in use, which improves aesthetics. It also keeps the community landscaping perception as well-cared for and professional in its upkeep. This positively affects home property values.

    Tailored to your space. A professional irrigation system can be precisely set to accommodate whatever shape your common areas take. Professional community landscaping experts also know one size does not fit all.

    They will program the water use and frequency to meet the needs of your space, your plantings, the local soil and anticipated direct sun. Some irrigation products monitor weather events and register precipitation to prevent overwatering. This also makes it more eco-friendly.

    Cons of Irrigation Systems for Community Landscaping

    Pests.†First, itís always a possibility pests will infiltrate your community landscaping and its irrigation system. They have been known to create messes and damage water lines or components. Again, this is an excellent opportunity for community landscaping experts to deal with the problem. Leave it to us.

    Repairs and Maintenance. Second, for the best value, productivity and to prevent damage from freezing and water leakage, maintenance must be performed at the beginning and end of the season. Over time, sprinkler heads experience damage and other components may wear out leading to a need for replacement.

    Automatic.†Finally, while in many cases this is a pro, if there is a malfunction or weather event, a basic irrigation systemís automatic feature is unaware. This may cause a misdirect of the water spray or watering during a rainstorm.

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