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    New, Chic Garden Paths in Your Backyard Landscape Design

    Are you looking out your window into your backyard and seeing little more than brown this winter? Plan a backyard landscape design attractive to look at year round.

    Many people consider the appearance of the landscaping on the front of their homes, but often overlook the backyard landscape designs. Consider a chic, new garden path!

    These paths can lead somewhere (such as a pool or some woods) or they can take you on an enchanting tour of your backyard. Having these paths is a calming way to enjoy your outdoor space all year long.

    There are a few things to consider when preparing to create a garden path. You’ll want to decide exactly where you want your path to go. Once decided, consider what you want the path made of and what you want surrounding the path.

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    Where to Go in Your Backyard Landscape Design Path?

    As mentioned before, your paths do not have to go anywhere. Some people like using pathways to connect parts of their yard, but it’s definitely not necessary when building a garden path.

    Maybe you want a path to walk on to tour your backyard. Or maybe you have some more space and you would like a path to use for mindful meditation.

    Whatever your goal, make sure to keep this in mind when deciding where your path leads and how you want to adorn it.

    Backyard Landscape Design Path Materials

    Once you have your direction in mind, next you will want to choose the material for your path itself. Consider how you will use your path to help you determine your path material. There are many choices:

        • Gravel
        • Brick
        • Pavers
        • Concrete
        • Stamped Concrete
        • Mulch
        • Stepping stones

    Then, you will want to choose the material for the edging of your path (if you want one). Again, there are several options, but some include:

        • Brick
        • Metal edging
        • Stone
        • Concrete

    Considering the overall theme of your backyard landscape design may help you decide on the materials. Is your home brick? You might want to consider a path made of gravel with a brick edging to complement your home.

    Around Your Backyard Landscape Design Path

    Once you have your path chosen, you will want to decide what you would like to surround your path. Do you want your path open to enjoy the overall view?

    Would you rather have a secluded path built up by tall trees and shrubs? These decisions will guide your designer in the overall feel of your path.

    You may also want to consider hardscapes along your path. You might like a bench to sit and enjoy the view or you might want a bubbling water feature to listen to. Whatever you choose, experts at Hittle will make your dreams a reality.

    Call the Backyard Landscape Design Professionals at Hittle Landscaping

    Just think about it; this winter could be the last where you look at a bleak backyard. Call Hittle Landscaping today to start working on a new backyard landscape design. By next year, you could have a beautiful, calming path to enjoy!

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