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    New Home, New Backyard Designs and Landscaping Ideas

    You may have just closed on your new dream home and youíre already dreaming of backyard designs? We can relate. At Hittle Landscaping, we love to challenge ourselves with innovative backyard designs and landscaping ideas.

    Ready to turn your dreams into reality? Call us. Now is a great time to plan for a spring groundbreaking. †

    Backyard Designs for Patios and Pathways

    First, consider materials. There are a wealth of materials available to you, especially when you work with a professional landscape designer. You can broadcast any feeling you choose, based on the surface or finish you choose.

    Want to try something earthy and natural? Create a patio or pathway using tree trunk slices. The feeling evokes nature while the geometric shape creates interest. Professional landscape designers also maintain a network of resources from artists and other professionals.

    Perhaps youíd like custom tiles or pavers made by a local artist? With a customized option, you can have anything from giant leaves to something whimsical like giant paw prints or dinosaur prints. If this is your dream house, you can design for you. No need to think about the next buyer this time.

    Hittle Landscaping is happy to help you realize your dream backyard. If you like color, you can choose to have pavers in alternating color. Let it call to mind a chessboard or a pop mod enthusiasm. You may choose a traditional material like concrete but with polishing, you have an eco-friendly and customizable option. Itís extremely durable and will last longer than tile or epoxy.

    If your idea of a garden is something from a Jane Austen novel, choose bricks or cobblestones. Use larger pieces of stone with moss or another groundcover tucked in between. The backyard design possibilities are endless when you work with a professional designer.

    Fences and Retaining Walls in Backyard Designs

    Homeowners continue to embrace modern backyard designs. They can truly stand out from the neighborhood while maintaining a tasteful sophistication. For example, a natural material, such as cedar planks, can be placed horizontally to form a modern, warm look to a wall or fence.

    The horizontal pattern of the gorgeous wood connotes a shipís hull or the popular shiplap. Sometimes, it can be the treatment of a product which sets it apart. For wood, a centuries-old fire-resistant treatment is finding new fans.

    Known as shou sugi ban, this technique involves burning the wood, which leaves a blackened hue and reveals the beauty of the wood grain.

    Cedar actually works extremely well for this technique because it is a light and porous wood. Its chemical properties take to the technique better than others. Shou sugi ban also performs well on pine, maple, oak and hemlock.

    Retaining walls are typically stone or brick. With careful planning, you could have a living wall. Succulents or an ivy can easily soften this hardscape. †

    Take Advantage of Hittleís Complimentary Consultation

    Itís easy to become overwhelmed with all the pictures out there. Virtual pinboard sites alone can leave you loving everything and nothing. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

    Our professionals will help you sort through what it is you love about the images and customize a backyard design thatís perfect for you.

    Weíre eager to get to know you and your landscaping needs. We offer you more than 40 years of expertise in thoughtful landscaping, lighting and design. We canít wait to create something extraordinary for you.

    Locally-owned and operated, Hittle Landscaping applies our trademark attention to detail to any challenge. To explore backyard designs and ideas for your property, call today for a complimentary consultation with a professional landscape designer.

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